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Caffè Agust etiopia tero roasted coffee beans 250grm

Caffè Agust etiopia tero roasted coffee beans 250grm

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Ethiopian deep-sea coffee with an unmistakable aroma, grown by more than 700 farmers who provide small plots of land to take them to the nearest processing station. These “washing stations” ensure that different crops are selected based on their characteristics to create products with a unique profile.

This coffee is processed according to the natural method, the oldest of which requires very little water. Once ripe, the cherries are selected (we face a very selected coffee, class 1) and left to dry on raised beds for 10-12 days, keeping them in constant motion and thoroughly drying the coffee. In this way, the sugars from the pulp migrate into the grain and give it characteristic notes of tropical fruit and strawberry, leaving an apricot aftertaste.

The incredible sweetness and aromatic complexity that completely covers the sour part of the coffee amazes this cup.

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