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Caffè Agust etiopia sidamo roasted coffee beans 250grn

Caffè Agust etiopia sidamo roasted coffee beans 250grn

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Deep-sea coffee from Ethiopia in the Sidamo region, in the Yrgalem area between 1600 and 1900 meters above sea level. The processing washing station is owned by Abdullah Bagersh, a prominent figure in the coffee world. Here the small producers supply their crops, usually small ones: what a garden can give.

The grains are immediately stripped with special strippers, then selected for density and then placed in fermentation tanks, where they remain for 24-48 hours. Here each grain is selected again and cleaned in the washing channels with clean water, after which it is collected in tanks from which the women take it and carry it with large baskets to the hanging patios, where they distribute it to dry in the sun. .

The high temperature range reminds us that we are not at sea level, but on plateaus where significant humidity is formed when the sun sets. For this reason, the beans are covered with oilcloths that are removed the next morning to continue the drying process, which will end when the beans register a moisture content of 12%.

Prepared in espresso, it presents an elastic cream, which gives an elegant complexity of aromas, with floral and citrus notes such as grapefruit and mandarin. In the aftertaste a sweetness reminiscent of honey

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