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Caffè Agust colombia san cayento roasted coffee beans 250grm

Caffè Agust colombia san cayento roasted coffee beans 250grm

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This single plantation coffee comes from Colombia (third world coffee producer after Brazil and Vietnam), grown in the Finca San Cayetano by the Ospina family.

The peculiarity of this coffee is certainly the process. After manual selection, the perfectly ripe cherries are fermented for 12 hours with all the pulp still intact; in this phase, the sugars present in the pulp migrate into the bean, giving the coffee a great sweetness. They are then depulped and placed in fermentation tanks for another 24 hours and then dried on patios in the sun; this means that the process is a cross between a natural and washed process, giving the cup great sweetness without over-fermented notes.

Most of the plantation (about 90-95%) is of the Castillo variety, while the rest is of the Caturra variety.

The cup will be incredibly full and velvety with a rich cream and incredible sweetness balanced by the current but non-invasive acidity. The characteristic aromas are of blackberries, blueberries and milk chocolate in the aftertaste.

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