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Caffè Agust indonesia batur roasted coffee beans 250grm

Caffè Agust indonesia batur roasted coffee beans 250grm

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Single plantation of coffee from Indonesia and the Kintamani region between the slopes of the Batur volcano between 1000 and 1500 meters above sea level

After a major eruption in 1963 that destroyed most of the neighboring crops, the intervention of the government and authorities allowed the plantations to grow again, mainly supplying agricultural materials to the landowners.

The volcanic soil is rich in minerals and provides the plants with excellent nutrition, allowing them to create a unique and distinctive flavor .

In espresso it gives warm notes that can be attributed to spices, in particular from tobacco to pepper and nutmeg. The delicate acidity gives way to an overwhelming sweetness; the density of the body and the persistence of the cream are most affected.

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