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Caffè Agust brasile samambaia roasted organic coffee beans 250grm

Caffè Agust brasile samambaia roasted organic coffee beans 250grm

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Today the fazenda is managed by the Pereira sisters who gave the name to the company, inherited after the death of their father who, in the 1970s, believed in the cultivation of coffee, focusing on quality.

This product offers maximum traceability in the supply chain, so not only do we know the fazenda of origin, but in this case we have selected a micro-lot in which one variety is distinguished, namely the Yellow Bourbon.

In the 120 hectares of cultivation land, different microlots are selected at different altitudes (in this case between 1200 and 1400 meters above sea level) and different varieties, creating certain organoleptic profiles and diversifying the range of the fazenda. The cherries are harvested strictly by hand to select only the ripe fruits and then dry intact in the sun on terraces for about 12-15 days.

Prepared in espresso, it gives a soft and silky body, in which an incredible sweetness and a delicate acidity stand out with hints of caramel, honey and an aftertaste of mandarin.

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